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Gunshot Wound Survivor Dies Four Years Later of Gunshot Wound

Every year, George Washington University Hospital holds a program to celebrate trauma survivors.

Four years ago this week, that program included then 15-year-old Corey Riggins Jr, who declined to speak, but stood up and embraced Dr Babak Sarani, Chief of Trauma Surgery who saved his life.

Bullet wounds in his heart, lung, liver, intestines, which Sarani says would have killed most people, his heart stopped three times on the operating table, but they brought him back and the 15 year old survived.

Corey Riggins Jr survived, that is, until four years later, just after midnight this week Sunday November 26, when police received a call about the sound of gunshots and found now 19 year old Riggins Jr with no signs of life behind 4301 Wheeler Road SE.

Read the full story Here.

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