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GW University Hospital Holds Event for Trauma Survivors to Reunite with Care Providers

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

George Washington University Hospital hosted survivors of traumatic injuries at a Thursday event giving patients a chance to reunite with the care providers who saved their lives.

The D.C. hospital’s annual Trauma Survivors Day featured inspiring and captivating stories from survivors of serious, life-threatening injuries — including a school shooting, an assault at a local Metro station and motor vehicle crashes.

Among lives the hospital has saved over the last year is a security guard, injured when a gunman sprayed bullets at D.C.’s Edmund Burke School on April 22. Retired police officer Antonio Harris was walking outside when a gunman opened fire on the Northwest D.C. school, perched from a nearby apartment building.

GW Hospital’s Dr. Babak Sarani explained that Harris suffered severe bleeding from his liver, kidney and intestines due to a bullet penetrating his abdomen. Without rapid intervention by the hospital’s surgeons and resources, Harris would likely have died.

Read the full story Here.

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