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AMA Updates Physicians on Firearm Safety and Talking to Patients about Gun Violence

AMA Update covers a range of health care topics affecting the lives of physicians, residents, medical students and patients. From private practice and health system leaders to scientists and public health officials, hear from the experts in medicine on COVID-19, medical education, advocacy issues, burnout, vaccines and more.

Featured topic and speakers

In today’s AMA Update, Sandra Fryhofer, MD, who serves as AMA’s Board Chair and the inaugural chair of our Gun Violence Task Force, joins to discuss what physicians need to know about gun violence prevention. AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger hosts.

Access AMA's CME module to help prepare physicians to counsel their patients on firearm safety on the AMA Ed Hub.

Additional free firearm resources available at:

  • The BulletPoints Project provides clinical tools for doctors and medical educators to help prevent firearm injury. This tool equips clinicians with knowledge on firearms, their uses, benefits, risks and safety to help reduce chances of firearm injury and death in their patients. Also view this guide.

  • Lock To Live provides tools that can help you talk to patients and families about temporarily reducing access to potentially dangerous things like firearms, medicines, sharp objects or other household items.

  • Firearm Life Plan offers peace of mind to older adult firearm owners and families. This site provides resources and downloadable toolkits to preserve firearm legacy and maintain safety. Safe firearm storage is recommended by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

  • Read the American Journal of Public Health article, "Talking About “Firearm Injury” and “Gun Violence”: Words Matter."

For more info, Click Here.

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