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Brady’s priority gun safety bills Advancing in the California legislature.

A package of bills that will institute safety trainings for firearm retailers and their employees, strengthen our concealed carry law, prevent the proliferation of homemade ‘ghost guns,’ and so much more is advancing in the state legislature according to the advocacy group. “California has the strongest gun laws in the nation — and they’re working,” the group said in a recent email to supporters. “In fact, our firearm mortality rate is among the nation's lowest. This package of bills will further our life-saving progress in California: ✅ SB 2 raises the age minimum to carry concealed firearms in public, strengthens safety trainings to include safe firearm storage and transportation, and creates sensitive place restrictions where firearms cannot be carried. ✅ SB 241 institutes safety training courses for firearm retailers and their employees to help reduce gun trafficking, lost or stolen firearms, and straw purchases. ✅ SB 452 prohibits licensed firearms dealers from selling, transferring, or delivering semiautomatic pistols unless the pistol can incorporate ‘microstamping’ technology, a tool to help solve gun-related crimes. ✅ AB 1089 prohibits residents from selling or possessing ‘milling machines,’ which are often used to manufacture untraceable ‘ghost guns.’ ✅ SB 377 narrows exemptions that allow California law enforcement agents to purchase “unsafe handguns,” preventing the theft and unlawful re-sale of these firearms. Unsafe handguns endanger not only the state and local employees who use them but also the general public that they serve, who may be the victims if an unsafe gun misfires or fires when dropped. LEARN MORE AND TAKE ACTION HERE

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